Terms and Conditions for Courses


Covid-Secure Update 

Facial/Eye Training will hopefully be available from 12th April 2021. 

Following Government guidelines clients are required to wear face masks and visor whilst in the clinic/training, at all times.  

You/Model(s) will be required to: 

- Arrive on time. If you arrive early, please wait outside or in your car and someone will call you. 

-Sanitise and wash your before entering the training/treatment room. Both will be provided. 

- Your temperature will be taken before entering the training/treatment room. 

- Sanitise or wash your hands if you sneeze or cough and please place any used tissues straight in the bin after use. 

Unfortunately there will be no hand shaking or hugs to greet you. 


We will continue to keep you safe by: 

- Sterilising / sanitising all work areas/equipment, door handles and bathrooms regularly. 

- Washing our hands before and after each demonstration/practical. 


Please refrain from attending your training if you: 

- Have had the recent onset of a new cough 

- Have a high temperature 

- Have noticed a loss of or change in your normal sense of taste or smell 

- Have a positive Covid-19 test result even if you have no symptoms.  


This forms an agreement between Skin Dedication ABC / Skin Dedication Training and you. These terms and conditions apply to you booking a course place and any other matters arising from that application. They aim to outline our obligation to you and your obligation to us. Course dates and assessments may also be subject to change. 


It is the applicant’s responsibility, having referred to relevant sources of course information, to ensure that the course is suitable for their requirements. SDABC/ Skin Dedication Training are happy to provide advice but accept no liability in the event that the content of the course or any changes to the course timetables, structure or contents does not meet individual requirements. Once an application has been received, processed and a course place allocated, the applicant will be subject to and in agreement with all conditions as set out herein. 

Processing of applications: 

  1. An enrolment form must be completed prior to all courses.  

  2. Course bookings are processed on first come first served basis. 

  3. To secure your place on a course, complete the online application form and submit to SDABC / Skin Dedication Training. There is a £50 non-refundable deposit for short courses. Please read the course description for VTCT/ITEC courses. Deposits are payable online or give us a call and we can take you’re booking over the phone. As course places are limited and cannot always be guaranteed, it is recommended that you telephone in advance to determine course vacancies before applying, in order to avoid disappointment. 

  4. The balance of the course fees are payable in full 28 days before the start of the course. Under no circumstances can the balance be paid at a later date. 

  5. In the event of a learner withdrawing from a course or assessment, all outstanding fees must be paid in full at the time of the learners’ withdrawal. SDABC/ Skin Dedication Training cannot accept any withdrawals or course cancellations unless they are in writing. 

  6. Any payments due to SDABC/ Skin Dedication Training, which fall in arrears, will result in suspension of tuition. 

  7. Course fees include tuition, training materials and resources, manuals and handouts as appropriate to each course. Any other facilities or resources supplied at the request of the learner, which has not been expressly stated to be included in the course fee, will be charged at an additional cost.  Once the manual has been received by the learner, this confirms the start of the course.  No refunds will be given as this confirms access to the course and that the course has begun. VTCT/ITEC may require an additional exam fee. 

  8. Course fees do not include additional items such as learners’ uniforms or beauty kits for home practice. These items are an additional expense and are to be met by the learner. The training centre is able to provide information for purchase of these items at reduced rates from wholesalers. 


Prices are correct at time of booking but may be subject to change. If packages are not paid for in full, when you book each course you must pay the correct price at the time each course is booked. 


SDABC/ Skin Dedication Training reserve the right to alter the course venue and timetable where necessary at any time. 

SDABC/ Skin Dedication Training reserve the right to alter the course contents and structure where necessary at any time. 

SDABC/ Skin Dedication Training reserve the right to determine the numbers of attendees on a course at any time. 

SDABC/ Skin Dedication Training reserve the right to decline applications for any reason. 



Whilst every care is taken when delivering courses to prevent any issues when learners are practising treatments however, you must be aware that this is training and that you accept that there may be risks associated with receiving treatments from other learners. It is your responsibility to make your model aware of this and that models are checked for medical conditions and test patched where necessary prior to practical sessions and assessments. It is a responsibility of all learners attending all courses to provide models to practice on and to conduct case studies. Please ensure your model wears a mask at all times where possible. 


Patch Tests - Learners are responsible for booking patch tests in good time for courses. We can offer postal tests but cannot be held responsible for royal mail delivery. 


Learners should arrange student insurance to cover themselves whist training and practising. 


Practical Sessions 


All learners must be prepared to receive treatments for the course they are enrolled on.  If you have a valid reason why you cannot receive the treatment, you will need to provide a model. Where Models are required for assessments, you model must agree for other learner’s to work on them.  Please ensure your model is available for the time required for the course or assessments. 


Transfer Policy  

a) A booking may be transferred for the same course subject to availability, free of charge if four or more weeks notice is given.  
b) If less than 4 weeks’ notice is given, you will incur an administration charge of £50.00.  
SDABC/ Skin Dedication Training is under no obligation to offer a transfer of courses.  
Cancellations Policy  

a) Cancellations made within 4 weeks of the course start date, and non-attendance, incur 100% of fees paid. If medical certification can be provided, the course will be transferred to a new date. Any subsequent course cancellation will incur a forfeit of all fees paid.  
SDABC/ Skin Dedication Training is under no obligation to offer a refund of any fees paid. 

b) For cancellations with over 4 weeks’ notice, a fee of £50 will be deducted from the refund of the full course price plus the admin fee specific for the course you are booked on, this must be submitted in writing by post before the refund is given.  
For Hairdressing and Beauty NVQ/VRQ, there will be no refund given once booked and registered. 

c) Refunds will not be applicable if any of the online training material has been accessed. This includes any course material received.  Any course material received e.g  


If SDABC/ Skin Dedication Training have to cancel or reschedule a course due to unforeseen circumstances new dates will be made available wherever possible. Refunds may be offered unless e learning has been completed then no refund can be given. SDABC/ Skin Dedication Training can at no time be responsible for individuals’ loss of earnings or travel expenses due to rescheduling. 


Certification Certificates are issued in the name stated on the booking/application form. eCertificates are emailed after the course is completed. If a hard copy is required there is a posting charge of £10.00 


NVQ/VRQ Certificates will be sent to the centre from VTCT once the qualification has been claimed. You will be notified of this via email so that collection can be arranged. Certificates will not be sent if any fees are outstanding. Reissuing lost certificates £25. 
Changes to Personal Details  

It is your responsibility to ensure that personal details held by SDABC/ Skin Dedication Training is correct and to notify us of any changes e.g. name, address. Written notification of changes in personal details must be sent. SDABC/ Skin Dedication Training will not be liable for any errors due to incorrect personal information.  
Individual Needs 

If you feel you need additional support with particular learning needs e.g. physical disability, hearing impairment or literacy skills, please inform us of your individual needs when booking. We will contact you to discuss your requirements. 




The appropriate professional uniform is required to be worn during the.  Please discuss this with your training co-ordinator.  



If you would like to order additional kits, payment will be required in full.  



If SDABC/ Skin Dedication Training have to close due to conditions outside our control, including adverse weather conditions, flooding or industrial action we are not able to offer refunds however the course will be moved to an alternative date. 


Policies & Procedures 

All learners are required to observe and abide by all policies regarding health and safety, security, learners conduct and any other regulations as set out by the training Centre. 

All learners must wear a full professional uniform for all courses with SDABC/ Skin Dedication Training. 

Learners agree to being photographed or filmed using a video recorder whilst attending training, to be used by SDABC/ Skin Dedication Training on our website, social media accounts or other marketing materials.  

Course Content 

Copyright.  SDABC/ Skin Dedication Training holds a copyright for all course content, which must not be copied or reproduced in any other form without written permission.  

By booking courses with SDABC/Skin Dedication Training: You agree to the terms and conditions.  Thank you for choosing us.